With an area of approximately 4,000 square meters, Fosun Foundation, was designed by Foster+Partners and Heatherwick Studio. Inspired by the open stages of traditional Chinese theatre, the architecture is a multilevel venue encircled by a three layers moving veil. Fosun Foundation's aim is to promote and provide various art exhibitions, fashion shows, culture performance, forums and summits.

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The Bund Global Financial Summit

Fosun Foundation

Fosun Foundation aims to promote and provide various art exhibitions, fashion shows, culture performance, forums and summits. By inheriting the legend of the Bund over a century time, and experiencing a brand-new art, it will become a new cultural art landmark in Shanghai.

Enlightening the Bund Financial Accumulation Zone, and permanently holding “The Bund Global Financial Summit”, it supports BFC to bring the Bund back in the spotlight on the world stage.

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Counter Sky Garden

by Tatsuo Miyajima - Sculptor and Installation Artist

Post-Mono-ha artist Tatsuo Miyajima, as a part of the Fosun Art Foundation Artists Program, will present his first public installation – “Counter Sky Garden” at the rooftop of a cultural institution overlooking the Shanghai Bund. Shanghai has long been known as a global city where multiple cultures and races coexist for mutual prosperity, and the “Counter Sky Garden” is the manifestation of Shanghai as a global integration and a modern metropolis.

In the “Counter Sky Garden”, the numbers count up from 1 to 9, or down from 9 to 1 at various speeds - some fast and some slow. The numbers are lit in different colors indicating various nations, races and cultures. It is these differences that represent individuality of citizens, each asserting its own “luminance of life.” When seen as a whole, these differences come to create one harmony. I believe this shows the potential for future prosperity that Shanghai has inherently.

Furthermore, the “Counter Sky Garden” invites the citizens of Shanghai, who are hailed from different countries, to participate in the making of this artwork by setting the speed of each digital counter. Therefore, participators would meet one another in the sky garden, with their encountering and shared experiences recorded.

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Exhibitions & Events


' 20 ' Art Exhibition

“20”:1992 年复星集团初创于上海,1996 年香格纳画廊在上海波特曼酒店的走廊起步;在这 20 年间,复星与香格纳共同经历和见证了上海的社会、经济的蓬勃发展和中国当代艺术的演变进程。


Volunteer Recruitment

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