The Bund Global Financial Summit

Fosun Foundation

Fosun Foundation aims to promote and provide various art exhibitions, fashion shows, culture performance, forums and summits. By inheriting the legend of the Bund over a century time, and experiencing a brand-new art, it will become a new cultural art landmark in Shanghai.

Enlightening the Bund Financial Accumulation Zone, and permanently holding “The Bund Global Financial Summit”, it supports BFC to bring the Bund back in the spotlight on the world stage.

2016.11.19 | Shanghai China

Economic globalization is only possible with financial innovation, which also requires a “Global City” to be profoundly capable of capital deployment. When Shanghai is building itself into a “Global City,” how will the central financial cluster of the city, represented by The Bund Financial
Belt, respond? How can financial enterprises harness this historic opportunity created by this round of urban renewal and upgrading? And how can they lead the globalization of the city with more future-oriented financial innovation? The guests at The 2016 Bund Global Financial Summit are expected to offer their insights and suggestions.

2015.7.12 | Shanghai China

The global financial center has been through a century of change and transformation, acting as a window into the history of the ups and downs of the global economy. Now, the world is returning to the Bund. The Bund was once highly reputed and known globally as “Wall Street of the Far East”. Attracting nearly half of the wealth nationwide and giving birth to hundreds of Chinese finance’s historical “Number One” records, it is the most remarkable achievement of Chinese finance in the world’s modern and contemporary history. After a century of bull and bear markets, the Bund has emerged as a shining beacon. “From Manhattan to the Bund” is not only a vector directing the new economic structure of the world in a post-economic crisis era, but also serves as a new statement of the history of global finance. The new legacy of the capital of global finance suggests the new status of the Chinese currency in the world’s monetary system and signifies China’s more open and free financial system. The synergy of these factors will pave the way for a stronger and brighter economic future in China.

2014.7.4 | Shanghai China

As an extremely important and limited resource, finance must be allocated using market mechanisms in order for it to be most effective. Insofar as it concerns China, the most urgently required measure in relation to financial reform is to unshackle the “ownership bias” of the private economy. The lag in financial reform has placed a significant burden on the growth of China’s private economy. Meanwhile, China has focused its financial resources on state-owned departments and entities, with the result that private enterprises have obtained few, if any, financial resources. This has not only lowered the efficiency of China’s financial resources but also increased systemic risk in Chinese finance. There is therefore an urgent need to identify and recognize the symbiotic relationship between the private economy and financial reform in order that critical reforms may be advanced more smoothly and speedily.

2013.6.2 | Shanghai China

With “Financial Ecosystem and Shanghai Strategy” as the theme, is intended to explore development strategies surrounding establishment at a financial ecosystem and Shanghai as an international financial center, focusing on hot issues relating to establishing a financial center against the backdrop of a new economic landscape and development of real and virtual economies. The summit aims at establishing a platform for communications and exchanges of ideas among the government, the financial community and the entrepreneur community.