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One of the Major Masterpiece of FOSUN's “Hive City”

Experiential HOPSCA sitting at the heart in the Financial Concentration of the Bund

Fashion·Art·Design serves as three core factors

Covers five primary sectors - office buildings, shopping center, art center and hotels and health control

Creates sparks between the new represented by the Bund Finance Center and the old represented by the city culture of adjacent Shanghai Style Yu Garden

Merges into the “Grand Yu Garden” plate of brand new concept multiculturalism

Leads to the glorious trend of “World, return to the Bund”

Shopping Center
Artisan Hub

A hub of Chinese art and crafts as well as international designs

Event space for workshops, exhibitions, talks and live music

Bona cinema provides premium theatre experience

Fosun Foundation

Inkscape is jointly organized by Fosun Foundation and Fudan University, and curated by the Pan Gongkai Chinese Painting Theory Studio. This exhibition comprises two sections. The theme of the first section is “Resolving the Picture: Documents on Brush, Ink and Chinese Painting,” engaging in a systematic assessment of the unique developmental threads of ink art alongside related classic works and details of ink and brushwork. The theme of the second section is “Realm of Ink: The Artistic Explorations of Pan Gongkai,” presenting the recent creations of Pan Gongkai on paper and in multimedia form, emphasizing the writerly nature of his brush and ink techniques, and his construction of a comprehensive linguistic system in brush and ink.

Office Building

Supreme location with broad, flat plane and column-free space

Class A 590 feet super high-rise twin towers refreshes the Bund skyline

Awarded the US LEED® BD+C: Core and Shell Gold Certification and China Green Building Three-star Label


BFC Fitness

High-end fitness facilities

Infinity pool with 180 degree river view

Stylish and spacious interior

Ideal place for exercise and socializing


Chinese and international cuisine

Multi Michelin-starred restaurant brands

Elegant interior and exceptional river view provides

Choice venue for cooperate events and family gatherings


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Office Leasing

(86) 21 6333 8868


Shopping Center Leasing

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Customer Service

(86) 21 6366 9999


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